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Griboedov C.E., 52

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Große Prospekt P.S., 92

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We offer comfortable treatment.

By your request we will remind you about the appointment, about preventive examination. Your personal manager will be available 24 hours a day and at any moment will help you to solve any problems and answer any questions. By preliminary request we can also provide taxi service for you comfortable return home after your appointment. In case of emergency we provide services to our permanent clients without preliminary appointment. We have developed an automated accumulated discount program: 3-5-10%. After appointment for treatment of the second member of the family, the whole family receives permanent 5% discount on all services.

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Стоматологическая клиника доктора Ланге

Die Zahnbehandlung, die Implantation, die ortopadische Versorgung in St. Petersburg.

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197136, St.-Petersburg, Bolshoy prospect Petrograd side, 92 b

© GmbH "Die Klinik auf Gribojedow"
Gribojedow Kanal Uferstrasse, 52

Das Mehrkanaltelefon:
(812) 570-570-0

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(812) 346-3646, 346-4469

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