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1. Major provisions

These Guidelines establish the major rules of establishing and providing warranty for stomatological works and services offered to patients in Doctor Lange Clinic for the purposes of respecting patients' rights in pursuant to the legislation of the Russian Federation and resolution of potential conflicts in the relations between the parties arising from the provision of medical services.

2. Legal basis and terms

The legal basis for establishing warranty obligations and periods shall consist of:

  • Constitution of the Russian Federation;
  • Law of the RF «Fundamentals of legislation of the Russian Federation related to public health care»;
  • Law of the RF «On consumer rights protection»;
  • These Guidelines.

Major terms used in these Guidelines:

Warranty – obligation; condition providing for something.

Unconditional or obligatory warranties – warranties for compliance with medical canons, industrial standards and rights of consumers of services.

Predictable warranties – warranties predictable and established subject to identified circumstances, professional experience and used technologies. Such warranties are provided:

  • either as a period (warranty period or service life) for free elimination of defects detected after the treatment and for which the patient is liable;
  • or as percentage share of successful treatment (if the period cannot be established due to the specifics of certain stomatological intervention).

Service life – period of use of the results of stomatological work in specific conditions (service life of filling or orthopedic device).

Warranty period – period of free elimination by the Clinic of eliminable defects resulting from minor defects, conditions unsuspected by the doctor or medical mistakes.

Eliminable defects – filling occlusion adjustment, extra polishing of various tooth surfaces, sensitivity relief, restored tooth color and shape adjustment, fine polishing of removable denture bed.

Circumstances of warranty establishment – a series of objective factors claimed by patient and identified by doctor in individual clinical situation which can have a certain effect on treatment results – positive, neutral or negative:

  • Patient's level of health – existence of concomitant diseases which directly or indirectly affect (or can affect in the future) the condition of teeth and surrounding tissues (subject to patient health questionnaire information);
  • Patient's oral cavity situation – what, how and to what extent can affect the performance (subject to complaints, results of examinations and radiographs);
  • Extent of fulfillment by patient of recommended treatment plan – disobeyed recommendations,
    - what recommendations have not been followed and to what extent they can limit the warranties (specific plan items are explained to the patient);
  • complexity of the work performed – uniqueness of the case, neglect of the disease, multi-factor dependence;
    specifics of technologies, materials and treatment options used – in what way and how obviously they can affect the warranties (benefits and deficiencies of technologies, materials and treatment options used by the stomatologist or selected by the patient are explained);
  • specifics of professional activities of the patient which can negatively affect the results of stomatological treatment: work in hot shops or low temperature environment, chemical production and laboratories, powder metallurgy and welding, intensive computer work, playing brass instruments, sports (box, wrestling, basketball) etc.

3. Warranties by law

In all cases of stomatological assistance our Clinic shall mandatorily and unconditionally guarantee:

  • provision of comprehensive and accurate information in an accessible form about the condition of health of the patients (subject to their right and desire to receive such information voluntarily);
  • advice and group consultation;
  • treatment by specialists holding certificates of the right to provide the specific type of medical assistance;
  • registration of parameters of overall health of the patient in diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive procedures by stomatologists of all specialties;
  • complete diagnosis;
  • development of recommended (suggested) and alternative treatment plan;
  • application of treatment methods and technologies used in our clinic;
  • individual selection of anesthesia, which will to the maximum extent exclude painful sensations, taking into consideration patient's age, allergic status, general health parameters and prior stomatological experience;
  • treatment safety is achieved through a complex of sanitary and epidemiological measures and use of certified technologies and materials;
  • accurate diagnostics achieved through adequate professional level of the specialists, state of the art diagnostic facilities and additional examination data;
  • strict compliance with treatment technologies, which provides for high professional level of the dentists, dental mechanics and assistants as well as special tools for quality control of their work.
  • application of technologically safe materials approved by the Ministry of Health of the RF with valid expiry period.
    performance of checks – by indication after complicated treatment or for prevention of undesirable consequences;
    free preventive checks with frequency specified by the stomatologist;
  • dynamic control of treatment process and results;
  • performance of measures for elimination or reduction of complications which might in the process of treatment or after it;
  • assessment of the risk of recurrence or aggravation of detected diseases;
  • achievement of treatment quality parameters and aesthetic results (subject to existing national stomatological standards, patient's requirements and objective circumstances identified by the specialist).

The complex of obligatory warranties is preprequisite for high quality treatment and stability of its results, performance of high quality medical service

4. Warranties provided by the clinic

Warranties of the clinic are provided for stomatological works (services) with material results (filling, veneer, dental cap, tooth restoration, dentures, orthodontic devices after bracket system removal), predictable warranties are provided as warranty period or service life.

In individual case (in identified treatment circumstances) predictable warranty parameters can be above or below the average level. The doctor in charge shall substantiate the ability or disability to provide warranty in each specific case.

Warranty period and service life, established by the clinic

Type of work, service


warranty period

service life

Orthopedic works
Children's preventive prosthetics

1 year

5 – 20 years

Photopolymer filling 

2 years

5 – 10 years

Fixed orthodontic retainers

2 years

5 – 10 years

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